A cookie is a small text file placed on your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit a website. It allows its issuer to identify your terminal in which it is recorded, during the validity period of the cookie concerned. Only the issuer of the cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained therein.


The cookies issued on our site are used for the purposes described below, subject to the choices you have made in terms of cookies.

Cookies issued by Web Effect (publisher of the store site).

We use 4 categories of cookies whose purposes are described below:

Cookies necessary for the operation of the site:
These are cookies that are essential for browsing our site (such as session identifiers) that allow you to use the main features of the site and secure your connection.

These cookies allow you, for example, to directly access your personal space on our site, thanks to identifiers or personal data concerning you previously communicated; without these cookies you will only be able to visit the public part of our site and will no longer be able to access your secure customer area.

Functional cookies:
These cookies are not essential for browsing our site but allow us to optimize the operation of our site and facilitate your browsing.

They allow us, for example, (i) to adapt the presentation of our site to the display preferences of your terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.), and (ii) to memorize the information relating to a form that you have completed on our site in order to avoid you having to fill them in again during your next visit.

Analytical cookies:
These cookies make it possible to compile statistics on visits to our site, which allows us in particular to improve the content of our site according to the success encountered by a particular page with our visitors.

Advertising cookies:
These are cookies that allow us to better understand your interests, particularly with regard to your journey on our site. They are used to send you personalized advertisements adapted to your expectations.

They are also used to limit the number of times an advertisement is shown to you on the site and to help us measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

You can refuse the placement of these advertising cookies without this refusal having the slightest impact on the use of our site. However, refusing them will not stop advertising on our site, but the advertising displayed will not take into account your interests or preferences.

Cookies issued by third parties

Advertising and analytical cookies:
Our site may contain cookies issued by third parties (audience measurement company, targeted advertising provider, A/B testing solution, etc.) allowing them to produce statistics and provide you with advertisements targeted when you browse other sites. The use of these cookies is subject to the privacy policies of these third parties. The settings that you can make through your browser take these cookies into account. You can also object to these cookies by following the links below:

Critéo: http://www.criteo.com/fr/juridique/charte-de-la-vie-privee-services-criteo
Google: http://www.google.com/settings/ads
At Internet: http://www.atinternet.com/politique-du-respect-de-la-vie-privee
Bing/yahoo: https://privacy.microsoft.com/fr-fr/privacystatement
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/
Sharing cookies:
Our site includes elements from third parties (application buttons), which allow Internet users to share, via social networks, content from our site or their opinion.

This is particularly the case of the "Share", "Like", "g+1", "Tweet" buttons, from social networks such as "Facebook", "Google+", "Twitter", etc.

If you interact using these buttons, for example by clicking on the "Like" button or leaving a comment, the corresponding information will be transmitted to the relevant social network and published on your profile. Furthermore, when you visit a page of our site on which one of these application buttons is located, the social network concerned may associate this visualization with your profile even if you do not click on the button and you are not connected to this network.

We invite you to consult the privacy protection policies of the various social networks in order to learn about the purposes of using the browsing information that they may collect through the application buttons on our site. These protection policies must in particular allow you to exercise your choices with these social networks, in particular by setting up your user accounts for each of these networks.

Functional cookies:
functional cookies are used to remember your preferences on our websites. This can be remembering your city for weather forecasts.


Several options are available to you to manage and modify the use of cookies at any time. Remember that the settings you make are likely to modify your internet browsing and your conditions of access and use of certain services on our site which require the use of cookies.

Regarding analytical and advertising cookies issued by Web Effect:
You can at any time object to the deposit by Web Effect of analytical or advertising cookies by making a request by email to web-effect@numericable.fr

Regarding cookies issued by third parties:
You can object to the placement of cookies by third parties under the conditions set out in the paragraph “Cookies issued by third parties” above.

Regarding all cookies:
You can configure the deposit of cookies through your Internet browser. The settings made in this way can also be modified at any time.

Depending on the type of browser, you have the following options: accept or reject cookies of any origin or from a given source or program the display of a message asking for your consent each time a cookie is placed on your terminal. To express or reconsider your choices, refer to the help menu or to the dedicated section of your browser. For exemple :

Internet Explorer™: http://windows.microsoft.com/fr-FR/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies
Safari™: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Safari/3.0/en/9277.html
Chrome™: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=fr&hlrm=en&answer=95647
Firefox™: https://support.mozilla.org/fr/kb/Activer%20et%20d%C3%A9sactiver%20les%20cookies
Opera™: http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.20/fr/cookies.html
Please note: Cookies improve your browsing comfort on our site and are essential to access certain secure areas. If you decide to block all cookies through your internet browser, you will only be able to visit the public part of our site and will no longer be able to access your secure customer area.

We draw your attention to the fact that if you use different terminals to access our site (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.), your preferences must be configured on each of them.